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About Us

We represent the smartest deals by offering the latest products both new and refurbished. Most of our products are new, but the cheaper and more ecological option is to purchase as "renewed" or "certified refurbished", which gives the same performance and warranty as new in most instances.

Wiredwireless has been a specialised distributor in IT and electronic equipment in Europe for over 12 years. With a sustainable product portfolio and warehousing in the UK, Germany and Netherlands we offer in excess of 1000 items for sale in Europe and selected countries worldwide. We’re passionate about what we do and it’s our mission is to bring you the best deals from all the leading brands, whilst also offering the best possible price.

We’ve grown every year since entering the online market in 2012 and we are constantly thriving to improve year on year by offering new innovative products along our eco-friendly refurbished products, especially when budgets are limited.

Why choose Wiredwireless

  • Specialist Distributor in circular IT solutions
  • 2,000 m² of stock
  • New, penultimate and refurbished hardware
  • Cheaper prices than those offered elsewhere
  • Next-Day Delivery available throughout Europe
  • Wide range of product and brands to choose from