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Cobra Drive CDR905DBT HD Dash Camera Front and Rear Facing Views


Drive HD has you covered by continuously recording in front of and behind you.

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The road can be a crazy place. If something happens you always need a way to back up your side of the story.

Simply Mount, Power, and DRIVE!


  • Built-in, 2″ wide LCD display
  • 1080p Full HD video recording and built-in 3G axis sensor
  • Ultra-wide 160° viewing angle films the entire road and peripherals
  • Delivers great performance and recordings in day or night conditions
  • Bluetooth capabilities allow access to GPS from your smartphone for embedding location data
  • Parking mode provides security while your vehicle is parked
  • G-Sensor automatically records video when any motion is detected
  • Snap a still photo at any time during a video
  • Continuous Loop recording automatically overwrites old data that hasn’t been filed
  • Never miss an incident due to a full MicroSD card
  • Mini HDMI output to directly play footage on your HD TV or computer (cable not included)
  • Supplied with 8GB MicroSD card (max. 32GB supported)
  • Vehicle hardwire kit and 6m extended micro USB lead also available


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